10+ Places To Promote Your Blog For Traffic & Authority Boost

Traffic & Authority Boost

Some tips to get Facebook traffic fast!

  • Facebook posts that include a photo in the Facebook post will get 150% more engagement than a post without an image. Streamline your images, and you’ll get lots more Facebook likes, shares, comments – and click.
  • If you are running Facebook traffic to your blog article, and there will be lots of text in your blog article. Ideally, keep your updates in one sentence, and keep 140 Twitter characters undercount. Remember that many of your fans are also using Facebook on mobile. Keep this in mind when you are making your own text. Update your blog article in a short, clear, and entertaining teaser for your blog article.
  • Always use questions to generate click-through actions from your fans. Make your question funny, small and interesting. Keep your readers in mind, and always keep your question related to your blog article.
  • Give your fans the taste of your great blog post. Include an interesting quote from your article. Generally, quotes are some of the most shared content on Facebook.
  • Clear your update. Delete the link in your text before posting it. Your article’s image and summaries are right-clickable on your blog article.
  • Host contests on your website/blog, too. Make your contests more interesting & shareable to posting about it on the Facebook.
  • Create a blog post to compile your best articles for the week. Share it on Facebook. This gives your fans the chance to see your blog article at a glance.
  • Create a short Instagram or Vine video to show your readers the essence of your blog article. Then embed that video on your Facebook page.
  • Sharing the content of other people is actually a great strategy to drive more traffic to your blogs and websites on Facebook. So, share blog content from industry leaders, your audiences and other unique & remarkable sources.

3). Google+ Communities

Although many marketers and business owners find that Google+ is a mystery. Many people try the business site due to disappointment because they do not feel enough to get involved in their market.

It is very accurate that there are many additional users in Facebook, some social interaction brands will be found in Google+, this is a small part of the substance. It has many facilities that can increase the participation in the polls and communities, which help you connect with the brain set.

Some tips to get Google+ traffic fast!

  • Google Plus is one of the most useful social networks that help you customize your post, make it more attractive and thus increase readability. So create attractive audiences that engage your audience and guide them back to your blog.
  • Make sure you sign up for Google Authorship to run more traffic on your blog. Google authors help you make your impact online and makes a visual tie for your posts in searches.
  • Use relevant hashtags in Google Plus to increase access to your posts and therefore increase traffic. If you do not have an idea of using hashtags, you can start typing and Google Plus will automatically suggest you, relevant people.
  • Try to interact with people and make your posts attractive so that a new visitor also see your post too.
  • Google Plus Collection is similar to the Pinterest board, where you sort-out and categorized similar posts. If you share valuable updates, industry news, or even an image post, you can use this feature to get followers.
  • Use collections to give your fans a dedicated flavor of what they want. If you have a board on SEO, share great resources with SEO with your fans. If you have something to say, Affiliate Marketing, be sure to keep it updated with all the latest news, discussions and gossip so people can tune into your collection whenever they are online.
  • Using Google Plus Share Buttons is a great way to tell your readers where you want to share them. You can also take advantage of your existing website traffic by adding your Google Plus profile and page badge to your site. Add simple social media profile buttons, but adding badges makes it easier to get more commanding and coming behind you.
  • You can also use Google Plus to connect with the influencers, brands and other big names that can boost your blog and help you get some great traffic.

4). Twitter

Twitter is another one of the greatest places to promote your articles where many bloggers overlook. There can be no group system in Facebook here, but with the right hashtag, you can do wonders with Twitter.

If you do not promote your blog, how will anyone know that you have written great content? The success of your blogging on your blog is equally important for driving traffic to your blog.

If you are using your Twitter well, then it can run much traffic on your blog. But just tweeting the title of your blog post will not work with a link to your site. You need to be pro. You should be creative when you are tweeting about your blog post, then you need to use the best marketing.

Some tips to get Twitter traffic fast!

  • To generate content and curiosity, rame your tweets to highlight both the benefit of the content & speaks clearly to eliminate the use of complex words.
  • When you’re inserting your blog posts link to your tweet, get creative. Always try to make short tweets that invoke interest in your blog article. Short tweets, under 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate.
  • When you are tweeting a link to your blog post, be creative. In fact, try creating tweets that invite interest in your blog article. Small tweets receive 25% higher interaction rates under 100 characters.
  • Auto content has been shown more prominently by expanding images into Twitter, so the image with your content is more important than ever.
  • Give your followers the taste of your blog post. Include an interesting quote from your article. Try to find a short quote that is brief and tastes the content of your post.
  • A hashtag has been on Twitter for many years, and they provide a great way to connect with your followers. If you want to promote a particular blog, contest, ebook or landing page you can create your own hashtag for it.
  • One mention is that how you incorporate @username of Twitter users is a way that you can direct Twitter to followers, customers or anyone on Twitter.
  • There is a great way to tweet related to your blog again. Just ask your followers to tweet again, or Retweet your updates.
  • A question in your tweet can increase a huge engagement. If the question generates enough connection and curiosity with your followers, then it will get more clicks on your blog.
  • Always pin your latest article at the top of your Twitter timeline. Your pinned tweets basically guarantee to get more impressions.

5).  LinkedIn

Being a professional business social network, LinkedIn is an ideal place to promote your great blog. Since this demographic is not very different on other social media networks, you can easily come up with the right people and see the clicks. This is a place where you can connect to your market, develop relationships and drive traffic to your blog. With over 433 million users worldwide LinkedIn is the go-to social site for business networking.

Some tips to get LinkedIn traffic fast!

  • Your LinkedIn Profile is your first impression on the site. So make your LinkedIn profile good one.

Create a branded company profile:- Make your company page professional and memorable. The best way to do this is through your banner image – keep your banner image branded, but personalized. Include your logo for brand recognition on the site, and develop trust with your market.

Complete your personal profile:- As a Website content marketer, blogger, business owner, or CEO, you are the one who is going to use LinkedIn in the network. People are people, and we have a better relationship with real people than a business. Complete your personal profile, with a personal but professional summary

  • To increase your LinkedIn network, connect with people. The more connections you have, the more people will see your LinkedIn status updates.
  • To run traffic on your blog, you need to create articles that appeal to your LinkedIn market. Create attention-grabbing titles and images, which intrigue your target market to read more.
  • If you want to drive traffic from LinkedIn to your blog, then you must be active on the site, and post it often. Post Status updates a few times a week, Post blog links to your blog, if you do not have two or three articles per week to post, then post links to other articles.
  • Leverage LinkedIn Group To get super targeted traffic to your website, members of the group are highly targeted, and therefore you come in front of other leads which you will pay to use other social networks.
  • If you are not actually getting your niche, or you want a specific group for your customers or business partners, then create your own group.
  • Whenever you post a new article link, include a question, a statistical, or a personal view. Give blog visitors a reason to comment, or share. When someone comments on your update, be sure to accept it. Comment to continue the conversation, and build your networking relationships.

In your SlideShare presentations, you can use the characters to give a voice to your brand.

6). SlideShare

The SlideShare is one of the most powerful content delivery platforms where you share your blog post and drive huge traffic to your blog. A recent  Research done by column 5 media shows that Slideshare marketing can work for any type of business. Slideshows can also be more effective when it comes to receiving traffic from Facebook, Twitter or Google +

With over 60 million unique visitors to Slideshare, you can not ignore this site. If you are a content marketer, public speaker, blogger or freelancer, you can take advantage of this forum to get more leads and drives on your site.

You can upload your presentation to slideshows and if it gets popular, then it can be seen by millions. If you want to make a presentation, you can not only get traffic to your site, you can also improve your ranking with Google, increase your next expansion on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Some tips to get SlideShare traffic fast!

  • You need a research. To support your slide, you need to collect a lot of data, no matter what your subject may be. Pick a topic, Know the topic inside and out, Read experts’ views about the topic.
  • Before sharing your slide on the SlideShare, you should ensure that they are top-level in terms of content quality and design, and optimize.
  • Once your slides look amazing, make sure you spend some time to optimize your presentation to be indexed in the search engines. A few simple steps like creating a customized title with the keyword you’re targeting, a compelling description that includes the right keywords, that provide users the ability to download, and tag tags can improve the scope of your presentation. is.
  • Use storytelling to give meaning to your content. Remember that you are sending a complex or complicated message in a federal way.
  • In your SlideShare presentations, you can use characters to give your brand a voice.
  • Slideshows offer another benefit, access to free analytics, shows a slideshow of your slides with ideas over time, the action is taken with traffic sources, social shares and even deep information about each audience.

7). Pinterest

When you write a new Article for your website, you need to drive traffic for a good return on investment (ROI). Pinterest is the most populated social media network, which creates a great avenue for creating a social presence for bloggers. This is an image sharing site that allows users to create “boards” and make the following.

While you want to work on things like an SEO and where I get variety from your traffic, then those things can take time. So starting with Pinterest and continuously pinning is a great way to run and run your blog.

Some tips to get Pinterest traffic fast!

  • Create a board on Pinterest for your blog articles in particular. It makes it easy for your followers to find your blog post, and even follow your blog board.
  • Make the title of your Pinterest blog board the same as your blog page title. For example, if you are a Digital Marketing Agency, and your blog about SEO and Content Writing, get your website blog name, like “Tech Digital” or “Shoutech” on your Pinterest blog board, Give the same name.
  • Build boards that resonate with both your business and your market. Pin it with mixed content like products, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and more, which revolve around your board topic.
  • However, Great View is a way to woo pinners to click on your blog post.
  • You have to connect with your followers. This is true when you want to change your pinger in your blog readers too. The more you connect with people on Pinterest, the more likely they will be with you on your blogs and other sites.
  • Make sure that you are practicing good SEO techniques while posting your blog post pin on the Pinterest.
  • The Contest Board is a great way to drive traffic to your blog post and interactive content on your blog. Play the competition directly on your blog. Then pin it on your competition specific board on Pinterest.
  • Featuring your writers makes your readers feel like they are getting to know that person. They want to connect with you on your blog.

8) Creator Collabs 

Creator Collabs is a cross-promotion platform for bloggers that is fueled by a community. In traditional guest blogging, you either paid the price or provided valuable content to appear on an official site. It works on the fundamental principle of “You scratches my back and I will scratch you”, this means that you have to share any other article to get the share of your article. In this way, it is proving to be one of the best platforms for sharing its best article for Blogger and it can be placed in front of real readers.

In other words, you will be the “Barter Trading” share with the network of active social media profiles. One advantage of CoPromote is that there is no bot involved in the networking process. You are guaranteed to be involved in real people and authentic brands who rely on the basis of their followers.

9). Medium

Medium.com is a great online publishing platform to publish and read a story. It is a platform, with more than 60 million daily active users created by Twitter’s co-founder AV Williams. With the global rank of 241 and, this is another popular site in the United States, It is a great platform for bloggers like you and me to publish our content again and reach new audiences. this is also a great platform for republishing existing content and running more traffic rapidly.

Some tips to get Medium traffic fast!

  • Adding an attractive image at the top of your content can help attract more readers to your posts. Add an image immediately after your title, it will appear on the mobile news feed as part of your teaser.
  • You can run ads on Facebook and Twitter to promote your Medium posts. Once your post-trends begin, more and more people will start watching it, read it, and make it hearty.
  • In fact, by getting your article featured in a really big publication can give you a huge boost & will grow your reach beyond just your followers to reach however many followers that publication has.
  • If you try to post your article more than 3 times on the medium, make sure you change the title and the image because at some point, trying the same thing again & again goes a little crazy to expect a different result.
  • Whenever people engage with your content, whether through any recommendation or comment, follow them, as a result, they will see a notification that you have followed them.
  • You can sometimes set up a Medium account, sometimes post articles, and expect any real traction. You must have to post on a regular schedule

10). ScoopIt

ScoopIt is a platform where you can research and publish your personal content and articles as a personal or professional. Here the quality of material matters at Scoop.it and if the quality is sufficient, then through this forum, a large number of viewers will go to your articles and close the excellent authority for your blog.

This is a content curation site where you will find the best content on the web and you will ScoopIt to share it with others. You can integrate your curated content on your website that will increase engagement, promote SEO, ads will probably help you get new visitors from search. It also helps to redirect your social media traffic to WordPress websites and generate leads.

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