10 Things You Must Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

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We all know that Google Adsense is the best Ad publisher for the bloggers to earn passive money from their website using ads. They provide you a large selection of ad sizes, delivery methods, reporting tools, and most importantly fast payments. I have received a lot of messages about Google Adsense, many people are having difficulty approving Google Adsense. There are several reasons why Google Adsense applications are disapproved.

When I started my blogging career, I found many websites and I read many articles about Adsense, like how Google Adsense is approved? How to approve an Adsense account?

Google AdSense approval is very strict when it comes to a new application. Getting Google Adsense account approval is a very tough task for new blogger because they do not understand the basic things such as they are not following the basic AdSense program policies and they are trying to get account approval from Google Adsense. Today everyone is trying to trick AdSense to get approval, so Google made the approval process very difficult.

In this article, I’m going to share with you everything that you need to do before applying for Google AdSense program to actually get approved. If you rectify all these mistakes I have listed in this article I can Guarantee that your Application for Google Adsense will be accepted.

In this article, I’m going to share 10 Things You Must Do Before Applying for Google AdSense. If you improve all these mistakes that I have listed in this article, then I can guarantee that your application for Google Adsense will be accepted.

Common AdSense Rejection Reasons

1). Website is new:- This is one of the most important things you should pay attention to. Google does not want to work with newly created websites. It is an indicator that their AdSense campaign will not be for you nor will they be very beneficial for them.

2). Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content:- Prior to accepting Google, blog content gives a lot of value and attention. If the content of the website is written poorly and there are grammar mistakes, then Google will immediately reject the blog. Not only should the content be grammatically correct, but it should also be unique and provide value to blog users and readers.

3). Poor quality or non-organic traffic:- It is very important that your website has a sufficient number of visitors on your website. Organic traffic shows that you are making legitimate content and your website is of high quality. If you secretly follow up to attract visitors to your website, then it is likely that you will have a higher bounce rate. Also, if you are running a PPC campaign or paying the third party for web traffic, Google will know about it.

4). Encourage users to click on the ads:- When you ask your readers to click on your adsense ads to support you, that is against their terms and policies. To avoid this, keep everything clean and organic on your website. Where appropriate, display ads, try different placements on your website to improve conversions but do not lure your users in any way to click on ads.

5). Links are from inappropriate sites:- Google does not want to be associated with any type of website that leads to inappropriate or suspicious websites. Double check your own link and point to other websites. Remove anything to do with inappropriate content.

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10 Things To Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

1). Use Top Level Domain:

If you have a top-level domain, The getting the Adsense approval is easy, while people who apply for blogspot.com, wordpress.com. have fewer opportunities. Because when you get a top-level domain, it means that you are serious about your business, so you should always buy a top level domain like .com, .net, .org and more.

If you do not have a top-level domain yet, stop dreaming about being approved with a sub-domain and buy a top level domain. It will cost anywhere from $ 10- $ 15 / year. You can buy domains from Godaddy or Namecheap.

2). Write High-Quality Articles

This is the main thing before applying for Google AdSense. Post copyright material and trying to get Google Adsense approval is the worst idea. Google likes blogs that are providing high-quality content and their visitors are enjoying it. Always keep in mind that your application will be reviewed by humans and you have to influence them to get approved.

A high-quality content should be…

  • Unique and Original Articles
  • Proper headings and bullet lists
  • Useful information
  • Free of Grammar and spelling mistakes

3). Minimum Number of Posts

What is the minimum number of posts before applying for Google AdSense? There is no strong answer. Because I have seen many established blogs with more 100+ posts and their boss told me that Google AdSense is rejecting them, while somewhere in the blog with some posts or making less than 10 Adsense money. That means that the quantity is not ‘quality meter’, if your website has well written and well-optimized content, then you can apply for Adsense. Never apply for Google Adsense if your blog content is low and Google is not optimized according to the terms and conditions. There should be no special limit before applying for Adsense.

These things that really matter to give AdSense approval.

  • Easy to navigate the blog
  • Unique niche
  • Detail content
  • Simple and clean design
  • No “unwanted” widgets

4). Improve Your Blog Design:

As I mentioned earlier, your blog design matters a lot for Adsense approval. Attractive design is also an important part of the Adsense program. This indicates how serious you are to your blog and how professional your blog is.

What do you first see when you visit a website? It’s a blog design. You want to make a good first impression on your blog readers to engage them. Your blog should be professional and not like a dirty photo gallery. Google has appreciated a clean, professional, and fast-loading design.

Your blog design is the biggest thing after the content. It represents your expertise, experience, and professionalism. It should have the following characteristics:

  • Simple and professional
  • Proper menus
  • No unwanted items in sidebar/footer
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fast loading

5). Website Traffic

If you have more than 100 posts and you have 100-200 visitors/day, how will you get Google Adsense? Your website should have around 1000 visitors/day, the page view is not very important, and the above traffic should have 70% of traffic from the search engine.

If your website is getting traffic from Google search engine (Organic search), then the probability is very high that your Adsense will be approved for AdSense. If you are paying for traffic then I suggest you to wait till you get organic traffic.

6). Other Ad Networks

Before applying for Google Adsense, make sure you are not advertising any other network. If you are using ads from some other companies on your website (for example Yahoo ads, Inflink ads, etc.), then I suggest you that remove these ad networks before applying for the Adsense.

According to Google Terms & Condition, “Placed on, within or alongside other Google products or services in a manner that violates the policies of that product or service.”

7). Name/ Email / Age Verification

Before submitting your application for Adsense approval make sure that your name and email address in some easily visible area like about and contact pages, because after submitting an application your name can’t be changed. It will confirm to Google AdSense team that it is the real person who applied for AdSense and not some spam, crappy bots.

Verify your age that you are above 18 or not, if you are not, you will not get the payment, and the last your e-mail address will be verified and then submit your application.

So if you will adopt these tips, this will speed up the verification process and within no time, you’ll be able to enjoy fully approved AdSense account.

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8). Create About Page:

An About page plays an important role even if you don’t want to apply for AdSense. But when it comes to AdSense, they are not showing this page, they are less likely to be accepted.

You should have a page about the website so that you can get Ad-sense approval. It also shows that behind the blog there is a real person. Just describe you and your blog about the page. This will not only help you establish relationships with readers, but it will also trust you.

9). Setup A Contact Us Page:

Give your readers an opportunity to speak and tell how they feel about your blog, what they want to edit, what they liked or dislike.

Create a contact us page, add your email address if possible, which you are applying for Google AdSense. If possible, get some professional email addresses such as name@shoutech.com and your social profile links.

One important step: Google AdSense has stated in its terms and conditions that there should be a clear navigation menu to help your readers access your content before finding your pages and applying for AdSense in your website.

Therefore, whatever you want to do is to work on your navigation by adding all the important categories and pages i.e about us, contact us and privacy policy to help your readers easily find the content that they are looking for. The more you care about improving your visitors experience the higher chances will be to get approved by AdSense.

10). Create Privacy Page for Your Website

One of the common mistakes that are done by most of the new bloggers. Even though there are people who say that privacy policy does not have any meaning for the blog, but they are wrong!

The privacy page for your website plays an important role; This is also a requirement for Google Adsense approval. It also creates a belief in people’s eyes that this website is not a scam. In your privacy policy, you will write what they will get here and what they can do and what are the limitations here on the website.

Privacy really tells about your readers what they will get on your blog, what they should and should not do. It is obvious that there is nothing wrong with keeping a privacy policy. Although it may in some way affect your AdSense approval, you should try it.

For example, “I am the owner of this website Shoutech.com, I will share information about this topic. All my articles will be 100% written by me, you can not copy my articles without my permission”.

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To sum up, getting an AdSense approved is not really hard if you have a quality website that is focused more on high-quality content, optimized for search engines, uses a great design and with the good number of visitors. Because that’s what Google wants from its every publisher.

To sum up, accepting AdSense is not really difficult if you have a quality website that is more focused on high-quality content, which is optimized for search engines, using great design and a good number of visitors. Has been. is. Because Google wants this from every publisher.

Be sure to do these things before applying for Google AdSense. I think these are not very difficult. If Google AdSense does not approve your blog then it will not be tragic. There are many other ways to earn money online without AdSense.

Make sure to do these things before applying for Google AdSense. I guess these are not too hard. Don’t be sad if Google AdSense doesn’t approve your blog. There are many other ways to make money online without AdSense. Top 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Without AdSense.


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