How To Do Competitor Analysis In The Right Way in 2019


In this Post, I’m going to tell you how to do competitor analysis in the right way. You need to look for the competitors, who are doing reasonably well neither the industry leader nor a newer one. Else you may end up with either high competition keywords or low traffic keywords.

Instead of doing this work manually, let’s use some tools to do this hard lifting, because if you are a complete newbie, then there are chances that you might not even know, who your competitors are.

But you should be rational while using these SEO tools. Most of the SEO tools that are available online, give only a little information for free. If you need more than that, then you should buy the premium or pro version of these tools.

But in this post, I’m going to tell you only the free version of all the SEO tools that I’m using.

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This is one of the best SEO tools, I have ever used and the interface is very very user-friendly. By using this tool you are just going to collect a list of competitors and similar websites to the main competitor.

If you don’t know any competitor website in your niche, then you can find one manually by searching your target keyword or your website’s core topic on Google or any other search engine.

Let’s assume that you are going to start a ‘Technology Website’ where you will post news and reviews of the latest gadgets or technological items.

In such a case, let’s assume one more thing too, i.e, you know only one competitor in that
category and that is Even if you don’t know this, you would have searched for ‘technological news and reviews’ on Google and you would have chosen any one of the top 5 search results as my main competitor.

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Once you have finalized as your main competitor, Now you need to search for in Spyfu. Along with the other details that spyfu gives you, the main information that you get from this free SEO tool is, it also displays other competitors to


I started with just one competing website and now I have got another 5 competing websites or competitors. You just need to make a list of all the competing websites, for your first chosen competitor. Once we have completed making that list, then
you can see the top-ranking keywords of all these competitors.

Spyfu Competitor


Let me scroll down to browse top sites and enter You don’t need to log in or purchase this tool to use. Alexa also gives details similar to spyfu.


But what I am concerned here is the sites that are related to Here, you will get another 5 websites that are similar to your main competitor. But some of these websites might get repeated with the list of similar sites shown by SpyFu. such as and

Alexa Competitor

So you need to analyze and shortlist the unique websites that you think, as your competitor.


I have searched for in this tool too. You can directly come to Competitors, where you have got two types of categorization. One is the ‘similarity’ i.e. this suggests websites that are very similar to the content that is published on, whereas if you click on ‘rank’, then you will get websites that are on a similar range of domain authority as well as having similar content to

As far as I know, Similar Web is the best tool even out of the three SEO tools that
I have suggested above in this post, to get the best list of similar websites that you are competing with.

Similarweb Competitor

If you will follow the above tools, then you could have got some 10 to 20 similar websites or competition websites to your niche.

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How to Find The Top Ranking Keywords of Your Competitors?

first I will walk you through the entire process of how I’m going to find my competitors, their similar websites and then the top keywords of all those similar websites Because this will help you to replicate, this competitor analysis process, while you create your website.

Let’s assume this scenario. I’m going to create a website on Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing and Lead Generation i.e. some kind of digital marketing topics.

So I have searched in Google for ‘Top Digital Marketing Websites’. The first result itself is a link containing a list of top digital marketing websites, but I can’t take that list for my use, because, you may not get such a link with a list of competitors, on your search.

Let me move on to the next search results.

  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Moz
  • Neil Patel

I know these websites very well, as I often read them. Search Engine Journal is a famous website for digital marketing, SEO, PPC, etc.

I restricted myself from around 1000 to 1,00,000th rank websites. You can also choose the same or increase or decrease the range based on the availability of competitors in your niche.

Just look for 10 competitors in your niche to start finding the top keywords. In my case, I have shortlisted 10 competitors, including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Neil Patel.

More the competitors, more the top organic keywords you’ll get, to target for. However, it also involves more work for you to do.

#1.  Spyfu Keyword Research Tool:

In this tool, you need to enter the list of 10 websites one-by-one. According to Spyfu ‘’ has got around 526,000 SEO clicks per month and around 31,200 organic keywords.

Spyfu Keyword Research

Now scroll down and come to ‘Top keywords’. Let’s view, all organic keywords. By default, Spyfu displays you, only 5 organic keywords and these are in the range of most valuable ones. You can also see the searches per month, estimated clicks, ranking difficulty, etc. If you want to view all these other results, then you should log in. Spyfu hasn’t got any free plans, i.e. you cannot sign up for free. So you are left with only these 5 most valuable

Spyfu Top Keywords

Spyfu Top Keywords -2

To find other keywords, you need to use other online SEO tools.

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#2.  SEMrush SEO Tool :

You can just register on semrush for free to get 10 free requests, with which you can get the required information of 10 competitors.

Ranking of a website or the number of organic search terms or the total revenue of a website: everything varies from one SEO tool to another SEO tool. For example, SpyFu’s estimation of varies from SEMrush estimation of

You don’t need to care about these kinds of stuff. This may be due to several reasons, such as the editors or authors might have left the website without updating the content or
The site could have got attacked by negative SEO or Google search algorithm changes might have hit this website to a lower traffic level.

SEMrush Keywords

The only thing, you need to care on this page now, is the top organic keywords that are bringing traffic to these websites. Like, which offers only 5 top organic
keywords, SEMrush offers us the top 10 keywords. You can order the results via competition or traffic percentage or volume or any of the column items. And for each order, we can see a different set of top ten results for free.

You should make a collection of the keywords which you think, you’re going to use on your website.  Now we need to repeat the process for all the other 10 websites too.

gadgets360 Keywords

You need to concentrate on keywords which bring in at least 1,000 visitors a month and competition less than 0.30.

If your target for high competition keywords, then the chances of getting into the first page is very low. So you should collect keywords, which is getting a considerable amount of volume and also easier to rank on the front page of Google.

By writing more and more articles on these lower competitive keywords, You’re adding monthly visitors of about 1000 or 3000, which may add up to bring 30,000 visitors per month, which means you will get 1000 visitors a day.

Once you reach 1000 visitors a day, automatically people will start sharing my content in social networks and other forums, which will build more inbound links to your website, which in turn, will increase the domain authority of your website. So eventually you will rank on the front page for higher competitive keywords.

#3.  Similarweb SEO Tool :

Click on the search icon on the similar web floating toolbar. Skip the website’s own brand name keywords if any and then shortlist all the other keywords such as refurbished mobiles, best mobile phone, etc. Add them to our previous shortlisted keywords
from semrush in the same spreadsheet.

Similarweb Keywords

Now you need to repeat the process for all the other 10 websites too and add those keywords too. If you find a new keyword, then it means, not many websites are writing about it, which means the competition is low.

You should act fast to add highly relevant content on these keywords in your website to capture users who are searching for these keywords in Google or in other search engines.

You can also use some other tools to extract furthermore keywords. But generally, those tools give diminishing returns, which means the quantity and the quality of keywords that you get from those tools don’t worth the effort you put.

In some cases, you might not be able to find enough competitor websites. In those cases, you can use spyfu and alexa to extract a few more organic keywords with the limited number of competitors you’ve arrived at.

Now you need to validate those keywords and then you will shortlist them from 30 to 40 keywords, which are in trend now and which will give you decent traffic in the near future.

While starting or creating a new website, you can start writing articles on these resulting keywords with highly SEO optimized content to quickly rank on the front page of Google.

If your article or news is highly relevant to the keyword you’re targeting, then users
will spend more time on your site, the bounce rate will get reduced and your ranking will

improve further and stay on top for a long time, until your competitor writes a much
better content than yours.

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How to Use Google Trends to Validate Keywords

You can access Google Trends by going to Open menu and then click ‘explore’. Now start adding your keywords one by one from your shortlisted keyword list.

For example, let me type ‘refurbished mobiles’ and press enter key. Now click compare and add the next search term. Let me enter ‘old mobile phone’ and press enter key.

Google Trends Comparison

You can compare a maximum of 5 keywords at once. However, you can replace any search term with another one at any point in time, which makes it easy to get a clear comparison. This is called keyword validation process. Once you do this process, you will know which
keyword to keep in your shortlist and which one to remove.

Also you can convert any broad keywords into long tail keywords using Google trends. You need to go to this ‘Rising’ category instead of ‘Top’. Because under ‘top’ category you get long tail keywords with a mixed level of difficulty, ie., no detail is provided in terms of difficulty or competition. Whereas under ‘rising’ category, you get trending long tail keywords or breakout keywords with low competition, which are easier to rank quickly.

Google Trends Rising Keywords

Once you complete all the above steps you will a validated list of around 50 – 60 top organic long tail keywords. Using these keywords, you can start writing articles or posts on your website one-by-one.

Once you cover these 50 to 60 keywords with 1 article for each of these keywords, you would have got a complete website with 50 to 60 articles or pages.

If you write a perfect SEO optimized article with these finalized keywords, definitely you will reach the top spot or at least in the top 3 spots in Google search. This is the tactic to get into the front page of Google, using a low competitive decent traffic breakout keywords.


  1. This is very true. It’s nice to see someone with great ideas about this. There are so many people out there spreading incorrect info about these stuffs. I’m thankful for you for posting it here.

  2. Love the article. There are a few tools here that I haven’t seen or tried out before which I must look into. I personally find that Ubersuggest is a great tool for this and it is free.


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