Top 50+ High DA Forum Submission Sites – 2019

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When it comes to becoming an authority in any niche, then online discussion, question, and the answer are considered to be the best activities.

Forum submission sites are also similar to online discussions, and you can demonstrate your knowledge about any topic on these sites. Many people come to the forum site to learn or know about something. It is one of the best ways to backlinks.

You can discuss your given topic and submit your feedback with the subject and the name of your website or it is a way of sharing knowledge, it helps by getting backlinks to your website.

Here I have included 50+ high PR / DA forum sites. The vast majority of forum submission sites are free, here you don’t need to pay any money. You just need to list with your email ID and get the interface with the discussion group.

When you are participating in the destination segment, there are several sections, before presenting yourself in the presentation section area at that point, start your investigation or legally answer any questions you may have asked.

If your blog is about “Digital Marketing”, you can not select the forum on health and fitness niche and paste your blog link. This will affect the credibility and reputation of your blog.

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How Does Forum Submission work?

Forums submission is very easy, just select the relevant forums in your niche, create a profile, follow threads and take an active part in discussions. A thread posted on a thread platform is a topic where many forum members share their knowledge and provide a solution for a specific question.

In the Forum submission thread works in two ways, which means that you can either follow some thread and provide a solution based on your knowledge and expertise, or you can start your own thread of the problem, from which Most visitors are experiencing. Ensure that the thread started by you does not already discuss in the forum.

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Advantages of Forum Submission

  1. If you have provoked the reader to click open your link you will get a boost in your traffic.
  2. Once you have submitted your link to high page ranking sites your website or blog SERP ranking will grow to the next level.
  3. Generally, visitors and customers search for an answer to their question. If you play an active role in forum submissions, you can reach your customers. Once they find that they will return to your website and will definitely use your platform on a regular basis.
  4. A Forum allows you to attract more visitors to become your members and more members mean more sales. Through a forum submissions, you make as many members as possible, who come back after a while. It can enable brand promotion and also increase your sales.
  5. Forum submission of a blog may take some time to increase your authority, but it is sure that your website will be viewed by many customers.

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Top Forum Submission / Forum Posting Sites:- 


Note- Forum sites are an online community, so stay social. Before submitting your question or answering, read the guidelines and the rules.

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