How Much Money You Can Earn From Google AdSense

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How much money does Google Adsense pay is a very popular question among bloggers (especially new bloggers) and I will explain below why. Despite the fact that affiliate marketing or CPA marketing pays more than AdSense. Adsense ads provide peace of mind that comes with recurring income.

When I started my blogging website, this was my question too “How Much Money I Can Earn From AdSense”. I had heard many stories about making people $ 10 per click-through AdSense and earning thousands of dollars every month. I was surprised if I could earn that kind of money from Adsense. But to be honest, I have never earned, as much money has been made by other bloggers, and I will tell the reasons below.

Although it is true that we can not accurately predict the income of Google AdSense. But we can optimize ads in a variety of ways so that its maximum benefit can be taken.

I have been using Adsense for almost 4 years now and I am happy to say that I have managed to stay in the first group after much effort and hard work. What I can tell you is that Adsense is a great way to earn money online. What I can not give you is an exact figure of how much you can earn from Adsense and the reason for this is that there are many factors that play a role.

Is it possible to make advertising $ 100,000 per year using Google AdSense or by selling your website/blog ad spaces? If so, the real question is how much website traffic do you really need to make a good income with Google AdSense?

You can earn $100,000/ year means you have to earn $ 274 per day. If your average CPC is $ 0.25 then you need 100,000 (0.25 = 400,000 clicks) per year (or about 1,000 clicks per day) to earn $ 100,000 a year from Google AdSense. Assuming that your page CTR is 1%, you need about 100,000 page views in a day.

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How do you make money with Adsense?

1). The Niche of Your Blog:

Let’s start with the basics of Google AdSense. With the growing population of bloggers, a serious curiosity is increasing in hunting for various tips to gain revenue for their blog. And despite many options, a person is always most attracted to Google’s AdSense. Google AdSense is based on the concept of AdWords. The advertisers place bids on keywords, and then ads are shown on 3rd party websites like yours.

In addition, there is the concept of high-paying and low-paying blog Niche. For example, a niche such as health, financial debt or legal niche has high CPC (cost-per-click), and other niches like movies or posters are considered as low CPC options. Technology Niche is a mid-Ad Sense niche.

2). A Website With a Quality Content:

SEO began in the form of a magic bullet for “making money online”. Many SEO pioneers were bloggers and webmasters, and most of them wanted to earn money by earning ad revenue rather than selling online products.

You have to publish a lot of quality content on your website. Although content can mean a lot of things (pictures, videos, etc.) that you need, original and unique text content (blog pots, articles, how-to guides). Of course, you can have pictures and videos with text, but the text should be the main part of the website.

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3). Select High Revenue Keywords:

In the modern advertising environment, there is no point in thinking about the keyword value in the same way. Most display ads are personalized for user history, not a search query, so the bid does not work the same way.

Over time, advertisers have become smarter and now they have more bids on long-tailed keywords. Whenever you want to find high paying AdSense keywords, you need to focus on using long-tail keywords which have 3 to 4 keywords because they provide better conversions. This way you will increase the chances of getting more traffic and increasing your conversion rate.

One more important thing to remember while doing keyword research, You should turn your attention away from targeted informative keywords and start thinking more about audiences.

4). Your traffic demographic:

Google AdSense revenue also depends on traffic of the country that is sending you the most of the traffic. For example, if your blog is getting more traffic from countries like the U.S.A, UK, Canada, Germany. You can earn more money-per-click on your Adsense ads. If, on the other hand, you are getting more traffic than developing countries like India and Nepal, then you can earn less / click (mostly pennies), and this difference is due to the difference in the average purchasing power of these countries.

You need thousands of website traffic to earn enough money with Google Adsense. In my opinion, Adsense is not suitable for websites that only receive hundreds of visits per day. If you meet the other 2 guidelines, you can still run Adsense, but you should not expect to exit.

5). Ad Placements:

Optimizing your website’s Google AdSense ads is a great way to generate more revenue. After all, the placement of your ads is also more important than ads. Ads in the main content of the page receive more page interviews and sidebar has a higher CTR (click-through rate than ads).

Putting an ad in the middle of your content is a great way to attract the attention of visitors to your site. After all, an advertisement between a paragraph within the content of your blog, forcing readers to see the ad.

The reason this Google AdSense ad placement is so effective is because it’s right near the fold of your website. If the readers like your content they scroll down to keep reading and see your advertisement.

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To make real money from Google Adsense:

  • Never violate any guidelines of Adsense.
  • Create a website with original and unique content.
  • Focus on organic traffic.
  • Your content should be primarily textual and should provide a solution to the problem.
  • Keep your ads above the fold and in the places where people can see them.

If you follow the above suggestions, sooner or later you will be able to answer the question “How much does Google Adsense pay” and you will also understand what Adsense means to improve the quality of your life.

Apart from this, your final income level can be much higher or lower than those figures, which I mentioned above, it depends on your website and other matrices.


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