How to Sign up and Get Google AdSense Account Approved in 2019

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We already know that AdSense is one of the best relevant ad networks. So far, the AdSense approval process was simple: you create a new AdSense account, your account is reviewed, the Adsense team accepts your application, and you can apply ads on your site and start earning money.

Since I started my blog, I received many emails about the Adsense account approval process, I finally decided to write a post about it. I first applied to Google Adsense in 2014. Since that time, I have applied for Adsense and get approved. Every time, my applications have been approved to start using the Google Adsense program, so I think I can apply for Google Adsense and give some solid advice when approved.

The Adsense Approval Process Now:

There are a bunch of articles over the internet, that list guideline, and rules to follow, so I’m not going to repeat what they say. Now AdSense has changed the AdSense approval process and made it easier for new publishers.

  1. Make sure you have enough pages
  2. Get a Dynamic Website design and a unique custom logo
  3. Build traffic BEFORE applying
  4. Wait at least a month
  5. Remove any ads from other ad networks
  6. Sign up for an AdSense account
  7. Log in to your AdSense account
  8. Add the AdSense code
  9. Wait for at least 24-48 hours for final review & approval

Once you add the Adsense code to your blog, it will show blank ads. It will take 48 hours to review your application. As soon as your application is approved, it will start showing ads on your blog and you will start making money.

Here is the process for AdSense approval:

  • Sign up for an AdSense account by visiting Here you have to enter your Website URL(Ex:-, Name or business unit, contact name (if you are applying for yourself, you, as someone else, if you are applying as a business unit, then you are separate – can be different), can enter the address. Phone numbers, email addresses and maybe will supply to each other. Basic information You do not need to submit your tin or bank account information at this level. It will happen after acceptance.
  • Login to AdSense account creates AdSense codes. Place the codes in your blog sidebar.
  • Ads will shows as blank until the final approval process doesn’t finish.
  • Usually, the Adsense is accepted within 24 to 48 hours. If you follow my steps above to create a unique site that has never been included with Google Adsense before, then you should not have any problem approving soon. Sometimes It may take up to 2 weeks for approval. Make sure you don’t remove the ads.
  • If your Google Adsense account gets approved, you will receive a complimentary email and you can put Google Adsense ads on your blog.
  • Once your AdSense earning reaches $10. Google AdSense will send you a PIN verification to your address.  This will come after a week to 10 days usually.
  • Log in to your AdSense account, and enter the Pin once you receive it.
  • Congrats you have completed all the steps. Once your account reaches $100, Google will send you or wire your earning. I recommend you to enable direct bank transfer for AdSense payments.
Only put Adsense ads code on sites that meet the Google Adsense guidelines here.  Don’t ever click on your own ads and never ask your friends or anyone else to ever click on your own ads!  This will get your account shut down.

Applying for Google AdSense isn’t complicated. Just read the policies well and update your application according to it.

Have you signed up for Adsense recently? How was your experience with the new AdSense approval process?


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