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You want to start a business. Instead of earning money to others, you want to make money for yourself.  Earning passive money online can be difficult, especially if you want to completely monetize your blog through ads. You need a lot of traffic to be a successful AdSense publisher, but you also need those traffic to connect with ads coming to that site.

The AdSense CPC that you get paid will depend on the topics you write. In the world of blogging, you can either write articles that will compete for clicks which will pay for some cents or be strategic and write content that will pay a large amount.

If you are serious about making money online with Adsense and building a successful business, then I suggest that you target these top paying keywords and industries. Before we jump into specific niches, I want to tell you some myths and want them out of the way.

I never believed in finding a niche. This is a wrong mentality. Instead, I believe that you should have a problem and solve that problem. Of course, when you take a step back that keeps you in one place, finding Niche is one of the things that keep bloggers back. Most bloggers are better than writing only those things unless they have any problem in resonating with people.

When you ask yourself why you should start a blog, there are always two reasons:

  1. You want to help people do something. Why it feels good. This is the reason why you ask yourself and others to keep your conscience clear.
  2. You do not want to make money and just make a little money. You want to make money for people who report income.

Occasionally following your blogging passion to help others is holding you back from earning money. Besides, when you do not earn enough money, it is not easy to help others?

What Type of Blogs Make Money?

So then, the most important question is what blog niches make money? As a new or wannabe blogger, if you expect to generate revenue from this, then what area can you focus on your blog?

But keep in mind: You want to enter markets that are thriving. By setting up a blog that focuses on one of those industries we discuss below, you are giving yourself a much bigger opportunity for success as you’re much more likely to generate an audience and earn more.

So first thing you have to do, let’s take a lot what factors you should consider when you’re looking at blog niche ideas and trying to pick a great one niches for you.

The Top 5 Most Important Questions to Ask

Now there are clearly many blogs that can earn money. We have listed below 11 blog ideas, but there are definitely many more.

So if you have chosen great niches that are not on our list then there is no worry. The question checklist below will help you to identify whether your niche is a good option for your blog.

1). Is it a big market?

Think more about the industry that your blog (widely) offers. Is there a lot of money being made in the industry – not only from the blog but also in general? If so, it is possible for bloggers to earn money.

2). Is there potential for traffic?

Traffic potential is an approximate value, which calculates the traffic based on the possible amount of traffic received per day. Do people regularly find advice, news, tips and other content online in this industry? If so, then there is a possibility of generating your blog traffic.

3). Does the audience have purchasing power?

Audience purchasing power refers to the specific amount of a specific market to purchase an individual customer or a specific market. Think about the potential viewers of your blog. Do they have money to buy the recommended products and services through your blog? For example, a blog that targets only startups (and not established businesses) can be a daunting option if you want to make money from it.

4). Are there opportunities for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest,  best and most common ways to make passive income from your blogs, especially for newcomers. You encourage someone else’s products and/or services and receive a small commission while purchasing one of your readers. Think about your niche and business in your niche. Research to see if they provide relevant affiliate partnerships or not.

5). Are you interested in this niche?

The most important thing is that are you interested in this niches? You have no meaning to start a blog about a zero-knowledge or interesting blog. You will quickly get bored or tired. Without losing steam, select the area where you can create unlimited content.

Top 10 Profitable Blog Niche

#1: Travel and Accommodation

Travel agencies making huge money these days. The margin in the travel industry is huge, and the targeting capability is infinite. We all like to travel and share our thought with our readers, we certainly will not be bloggers for vendors. So here are some pointers and tips that help you generate income from your travel blog or website.

If you are planning to visit a new place where you have never traveled before, then you may have come with some problems. You have to take care of many things including accommodation, transport, food etc.

A travel agency can solve this problem for you and takes care of everything for you so that you can enjoy your journey peacefully. This niche is highly beneficial because each travel agency or trip organizer earns a huge commission from the customer, so attracting more potential customers is always beneficial for them.

Here is some best Travel and Accommodation blog post idea:
  • How To Book The Cheapest Flights.
  • Best Budget Destinations.
  • Share Why You Started Traveling.
  • How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group.
  • How to Pack for a Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Destination.
  • How to Stay Healthy on the Road.
  • Hostel vs. Hotel Debate.

#2: Download Website

Yes, you’ve heard the right thing, I’m talking about downloading sites. These days the files downloading sites are becoming a new trend. I tried many affiliate networks on my experimental download site and experienced excellent results.

Download websites usually having a higher CTR (click through rate) than any other site, next news portal. It proves one of the most profitable niches for Adsense.

All sites in the world can be classified into two categories:
  1. Consume: These are the sites where visitors come to read only the information provided. Visitors have no intention of clicking anywhere on the site.
  2. Click: These are the websites that encourage visitors to click on something. These sites are usually filed downloading sites.
Here are some best products you can offer your visitors to download:
  • Desktop apps/software
  • Mobile apps
  • Wallpaper
  • E-books
  • Music, Videos
  • Question paper

#3: Insurance

Insurance niches go for long periods and take regular investment. So this is a very big and profitable business. That’s why insurance companies pay Google’s through AdWords to promote their business online.

This is one of the most expensive and highly paid AdSense niche. Apart from Adsense, you can also generate a huge commission through affiliate marketing of your insurance blog.

The CPC for some ads on this niche is easily more than $100. This niche is highly competitive so each advertiser is ready to pay more than others. A lead insurance company can generate thousands of dollars, so it does not matter if they pay $ 100- $ 200 for a single click.

If you are very interested in insurance and understand, then I suggest that you should start a blog on life insurance or car insurance. Both demands and advantages are high demand for CPCs.

#4: Health and Fitness

Health is one of the best niches for start blogging and earns money using AdSense. If you want to get a higher CPC on your Adsense advertising, then there should be a priority to create a specific blog in place of health niche. There is absolutely no doubt that every person in the world wants good health and fitness. For this, they search on Google in order to solve their health problems. If your blog is giving that solution to your visitor, then it will get huge traffic and earn high revenue.

Since the health niche is a very broad topic, therefore you should choose the subject wisely. It can be nutrition, weight loss, eye health, heart, hair loss, and many others. There are many websites or blogs that dominate the place of health.

Before creating a blog related to health, you should have excellent knowledge of the subject related to that particular health. For example, you should be aware of nutrition before starting a blog on general health. You should provide excellent content to attract and receive natural backlinks.

Adsense ads shown on Health Top Blogs have more bids than the others. This is one of the most demanding and profitable niches for blogging. In the list of the most profitable niche on Adsense, Health niche rank third.  And the best part is that you will get targeted traffic from the developed countries because people know more about their health and fitness. Your CPC can be up to $ 50.

Here are some best niche related to health:

These days the internet is growing very fast and the search query has increased to make money online. People are looking for ways to earn money on the internet. Most young people using the Internet, search tips, and many ways to earn money online. If you are earning online in some other way, I think you should start a blog on the theme.

In this niche, your CTR (click through rate) will be high because people are excited to learn how to make money online. Not only Adsense, even other ad networks like BuySellAds, and Yahoo Bing Advertising Networks, you get lots of money and direct advertising options with this keyword.

  • Health & Beauty
  • Health Food
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Bath & Body
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

#5: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a technique to make your website search engine friendly so that search engines bots crawl your website. If you are blogging since a while then you probably know the importance of SEO to survive online. When it comes to blogging and making money online, SEO is the key to everything. This can help you to rank well, get more visitors, sell more and spread the word around the world.

Millions of websites are hosted on the Internet, but when we try to search for something on a search engine, On the first page of results come only of some websites? This is because of SEO.

To implement SEO techniques, all niche blog owners find it necessary. Without doing proper On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO on the right page, there is no way to rank higher in search engines. Due to the huge demand for search engine optimization, SEO agencies are investing a lot in their publicity and branding these days. A customer or campaign can help them make up to thousands of dollars so they can pay well.

All you have to do is focus only on the highly searchable keywords related to SEO in your content and you will experience an increase in your overall AdSense earnings so that it will become the best AdSense niche.

#6: E-Learning

Creating and selling online courses is one of the best ways to earn passive income online, E-learning an emerging market globally. The value of the global e-learning market was more than $ 265 billion in 2018 and is expected to be worth more than $325 billion by 2025.

E-learning is an emerging trend for both (old and young), and online courses come to fill the gap of knowledge. While avoiding the complexity of physical organs, people prefer the comfort and flexibility of their homes.

E-learning (online course) can enhance your online brand/presence, by establishing you as a thought leader and a source of new knowledge. It can loyally abide by your existing customers because thirst increases for easy access information.

Launching your E-learning portal (online school) may seem like a lot of work, but with little help, you can be one ready in minutes. Creating your own online course is as easy as reusing your old content such as:

So, If you are not offering any online course, then you are missing on a big occasion. Be the first person to join online courses in your niche and you will not regret. But the question is, how much money can you earn with online courses?

#7: Make Money Online

You already know that this niche has the potential. Why? Because you are seeing it now. More and more people are looking forward to ways to work from home or to completely change their jobs with online income. So if you are interested in sharing your experience, you can help others move forward with them and discover your success. If you can help them in that task, you may be able to garner a respectable income yourself.

This is one way where you can share your expertise in making online money. You can create your own course, ebook, information product, or online tutorial. And if other marketers have any program or course that is extra help … you can also propagate them as a collaborator. You can become part of the next big launch campaign.

#8: Blogging Tutorials

The blogging profession is now getting hotter and most people want to make a career in this field as a part-time or full-time blogger.

Every person who owns a blog or wants to start his/her own blog search for blogging tutorials over the internet. Without visiting these blogging tutorials, persons will get a lot of difficulties to create a new blog.

Look, you’ve just trying to find some blogging related questions and joined my blogging tutorial, I’m sure you’re a blogger.

The blog of this niche has targeted viewers i.e. bloggers.

Within this niche, many expensive products (web hosting services and other software) come and the AdSense CPC for these keywords also high but your CTR will not be high because most of the people coming to your site know well from the Adsense ad unit, so Do not click it until they find it useful.

#9: Web Development

Every advertiser on Google owns a company, most of them. Every blog or companies official website on the internet has a specific design. These designing services are provided by web development companies, and they take a huge amount for this. Therefore, they are always ready to pay a good number of clicks per click for the right type of keywords in web designing niche.

So before writing an article, you need to conduct research on current designing trends for websites. After choosing the right keywords, you can review thousands of websites and write posts accordingly so that high CPC Adsense is displayed on your blog.

#10: Gadgets and Technology

If you always need to have the latest gadgets and can talk knowledgeably about subtle differences between different mobile phones’ cameras and processors. This niche can be one of the best choices for your blog and make huge income from Google’s online advertising program.

This niche is not only beneficial for AdSense but it also receives a huge number of visitors and the statistics continue to grow every day. This is one of the best niches for AdSense acceptance.

There are already a large number of technical blogs running on the web. If you are launching a new blog on Tech niche then you should choose specialized technology like Android, Computer, Software, Mobile-review or any other specialized technical niche.

Explanations and purchase guide videos are a common means for those people of this place; You can show the characteristics of your new gadget and earn advertising revenue for your efforts. At this location, others make their program with sharing affiliate programs and sending traffic to retailers like Amazon, Share-a-sale, Gearbest.

Once you have sorted a product for affiliate marketing, you have to focus on marketing. One approach is to make money blogging where you highlight all the latest technology and products on the market. You can also get a review site in which you provide reviews on many different products in one category. There is a link to purchase each product (with your affiliate link)

Importance of keywords

AdSense is one of the tops most used monetization platform, It’s ads are contextual ads, and advertisers bid on certain keywords through AdWords, when advertisers’ keywords are used within an article, their ads are displayed. People who are earning more with Adsense are practically using high CPC keywords.

In choosing a keyword for your business is a very important thing,  So put some time and research a keyword using keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Research tool and Wordtracker to choose a keyword for your business. These tools can help you start searching for keywords related to your business/Blog. These tools can be very useful to get insight into how many users are searching for a given keyword and how much competition is there for online keywords. It can give you a realistic feeling of how much you should use on your website and how effective your site is in online marketing.

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Blog Niches That Make Money: Conclusion

So these are one of the best niches to start a blog and earn money using Adsense. If you are interested in any of the following niche, then you can easily earn well by blogging on these summaries. But you should never go for these blog for more income. You have to be fully determined and knowledgeable about these topics. Otherwise, you will lose interest at any time because these niches have tough competition.

You do not have to limit the views of your blog to our blog niche ideas, but we hope that list and examples will help you establish your own blog.

Always remember to choose a niche that already has a large, well-established market, or otherwise, it might be difficult to earn money for you.


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