Top 10 Strategies To Increase Your Adsense CPC Rates And Maximize Adsense Revenue | Adsense CPC Optimization 2019.

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When we talk about Google AdSense optimization technique, there are many things, but the main goal is to get high eCPM and CPC. Otherwise, despite the good Adsense CTR, you can not make good money. If you are using Google AdSense on your website, you will know that these are Google’s AdWords advertising program ads. Advertisers who use the AdWords program pay Google for each click on their ads.

If you fall into the category of those publishers who are receiving a lot of traffic to their website but the earnings of Adsense are still low, then it is time to understand the points outlined below, and this will certainly increase the AdSense CPC and help in overall revenue growth.

I do not say, It is very difficult to get high AdSense revenue, but you have to invest at least 5-10 minutes/day with the right strategies and AdSense optimization, you can easily get it and earning approximate earnings with your current traffic Can improve. Just keep reading about promoting your AdSense income in just 10 minutes a day.

What is AdSense CPC

Before discussing the top 10 ways to increase AdSense CPC, let’s define the term CPC ( cost-per-click ) word. CPC (Cost-per-click) is the amount you earn each time a user clicks on your ad. CPC for any advertisement is determined by the advertiser; Some advertisers want to pay more per click than others.

Now, you may have noticed that the AdSense publisher is talking more about CTR and more about CPC. If you are really serious about your AdSense revenue, then you should work more on CPC compared to CTR. Getting thousands of impressions on your ad will not be very useful, but with a decent CTR, a good CPC blog can make a big difference.

Tips To Increase AdSense Revenue

1). High paying niche (keyword) selection for the web page.

In order to get higher CPC value, it is important not only to select the right keywords that are reasonable but pay higher for content. Cost Per Click or CPC ad directly depends on the topic on which you are writing your blog.

Writing on top trending topics and current issues are always recommended which the public wants to share. The trending topics improve click-through-rate (CTR) and social shares. Similarly, writing on trending topics, and targeted keywords are always beneficial for your AdSense revenue.

When you are writing new content for your blog, then you should have to choose the higher paying keywords. This type of keyword will drive more traffic and will definitely give you more chance to earn more money from Adsense. You have to find high monthly searches and low competition keywords. In this way, you will improve traffic and therefore income.

I would suggest you Google Keyword PlannerWordtracker to find the high paying keywords.

2). Target organic traffic

Organic traffic is the most important thing to earn more money from Adsense account. the Adsense ads perform well and generate more revenue when the web traffic directly coming from the search engines and especially if it’s from the US, UK.

It is one of the most important factors in increasing CPC is the country you are targeting. For example, a click on an ad unit from USA/Canada/UK can pay you up to $2-$3 and click on the same ad from India can end up paying only 20 to 30 cents. So it is always recommended to focus on the audience of US and UK while you are creating a new page and developing the content for your blog.

Whenever a user searched for your keyword and visit your website from the US, Canada, UK countries, they can see relevant ads on all your blog pages. Your ad slots provide ads related to ads related to those countries. This will improve high bidding and ad revenue on your ad slot.

If you getting sufficient traffic from countries like USA, Canada, and UK, you will definitely end up with high CPC.

3). Usingtext ads” & “image/rich ads“.

It is not that only image ads attract more attention on ad clicks and can deliver better results, but according to many publishers, text ads are more prominent for certain sites.

You just need to select and display text ads or image / rich media ads on your site, or you can also choose the recommended default option to show both types of AdSense ads. as it gives you more CPCs. Image advertisements are usually less preferred for both CTR and lower CPCs. However, sometimes based on niche and blog type, image ads tend to perform better in higher CTR but the higher the CPC text ads.

You must know about choosing the right format for your ad. If you can add three ads to a page, then choose two 336 X 280 ads and one 728 X 90 ad unit.

4). Adsense ads placement.

Never ignore the importance of the placement of the ad on a web page, because it is directly proportional to your AdSense revenue. As soon as the choice of ads creates revenue, the more you paste the ads, the more important it is.

The Adsense Ad placement that may be able to generate more ad revenue on the bulky content page but it will not be the same as an increase in AdSense income on the page with high bounce rates. You should always try different ad spots and find out what works best in different placements on your website.

If you are a professional blogger and rely on AdSense, you should not miss the opportunity to optimize your Adsense ad placement and use the maximum number of ad units on the same page. Although if you are a blogger on a private blog, then your first goal should be quality content and fewer ads because the readers hate advertisements that distract them.

5)Balance ad units with content length

A blogger should use 3-5 AdSense units on his/her web page. However, do not use all three Ad units unless your webpage content or blog post is long enough. Always keep in mind what you’ve read above: Use Google advertises ads according to your web content!

If your web page content is insufficient to give Google Algorithm enough information for your all 5-ad blocks, you can find irrelevant ads on your page and even some public ads! These general ads are irrelevant to your niche, and they will greatly reduce your average CPC. Many people get better results with only one ad block on short content pages, because when 2 or more blocks are published, all ads will be more focused on their topics and higher average CPCs.

6). Split Testing of AdSense Ads

Split testing (also known as A/B testing or multivariate testing) is a way to control random experiments, such as clicks, form completion or purchase, with the goal of improving a website metric.  It will be always worthwhile carrying out split testing to establish the best approach to increasing your AdSense CPC. you should Run one ad unit few days and a few days with another ad unit. Your CPC should be better with just the one because that should be filled with higher-paying ads. Other split tests:

  • Block of 4 vs. same header ads.
  • A video ad vs. a text ad.
  • In the beginning, an advertisement versus the same ad versus the end of an advertisement.
  • Compare different placements locations.
  • Use channel (see next tip).

If you find that your internal ads are performing well in spite of header ad, it tells you that readers are going deep into your blog before clicking on the ad. Many people will avoid clicking on the header ads because they take them away from the information they want. Once they read your blog post, they may be open to click on the ad.

In this case, at the end of a web page or a post, one or two AdSense ads can initially perform better than those people. Keep in mind that Google will serve the highest CPC Adsense ads in the first ads published on your page, then you can do more by using only one ad block in that case where the test indicates that you are most likely to receive clicks.

7). Target the contextual advertising.

The contextual advertising is advertising on the website that is relevant to the content of the page. In traditional contextual advertising, automated systems show ads related to your site’s content based on keyword targeting. Advertising on content is the best technique for increasing revenue from AdSense.

To target contextual ads that match with the page content, AdSense has to find out what webpage is talking and how it is structured using content factors such as the number of used words Link page structure of color page including keyword page and font size.

Google robots automatically provide the relevant ads to your user based on the content of the webpage. For example, if you run a smartphone review blog, then AdSense can serve contextual ads to buy the latest smartphone or relevant ads to sign up for the service. Ads are chosen from the list of advertisers registered through AdWords.

8). Blocking the category.

AdSense comes with a feature to block ads that perform very poorly. Like blocked URLs; You can also block such categories. It is recommended to block the low CPC ad categories that are serving ad impressions but producing a small income. Therefore, you can block such low CPC categories and generate good revenue from quality advertising categories.

Adsense data provides details about the percentage of the ad period and the estimated earnings of each category for a specific period of time. You need to check that reports according to those categories under which advertisements are displayed on your website. And if you get a category that has a high percentage of total impressions but there is a low payment CPC, then you need to block them directly.

9). Hire an Adsense optimization certified partners.

Google has established a series of qualifications and certifications for advertising/marketing professionals and agencies who want to provide their services. Google Partner Agencies are qualified specialists who have been certified by Google when they have passed an examination that they need to get them again every year. These experts have demonstrated the necessary expertise in best practices for providing the desired results for their AdSense concepts and their clients.

It is always advisable to see an expert’s eyes. AdSense uses tools to automate the optimization of certified partners placement, ad-type, color, and size so that your website monetization can be increased by 300%.

Such tools can be helpful for you and you can increase revenue through Adsense.

10). Keep Experimenting

Always experiment with different ideas to create interesting content, drive traffic, earn links ad placement. The experiment can actually pay you a higher dividend. You can try different niches, choose different ad placements, and eventually get advice from the Google Adsense center. Never interfere in style, always try something new.


If you follow and implement these 10 tips then you can surely increase your AdSense revenue to a maximum level. It is a completely legal and genuine way to increase your earning in a short time. You can also search for highest CPC AdSense Keywords and compile one-two posts around it.


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