Types of Backlinks that Really Matter in SEO & How to Get Them?

Type of Backlinks

Everyone wants to rank on the first in a google search, but very few people may be really valuable and then rank their site for competitive keywords.

recent study done by Moz on 15,000 competitive keywords found that almost all of the web pages with high page rank had an external, high-quality backlink pointing at them. It is another way Google really decides the ranking of these search results is to look at power. They really want to put the best content at the top of the search results.

There are many types of backlinks that are violating Google’s guidelines, but if you are smart, you can get quality backlinks at no cost, and increase your organic search traffic. There are some important factors that you need to analyze to improve your search ranking, especially when it comes to finding your targeted opportunities.

Types of Backlinks in SEO?

If you creating a backlink profile, you should invest in the most profitable link that will bring more search traffic and revenue. To make this possible, you have to track and analyze all the possible backlink types (manual or automated tools) and sources and choose the best for your business niche.

#1. Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks

No matter what link source you have chosen, what on-page position it will have, the two main backlink types are do follow and no follow.

    • <a href=”https://shoutech.com/” rel=”dofollow“>Link Text</a>
    • <a href=”https://shoutech.com/” rel=”nofollow“>Link Text</a>

This is how they look in the code. A ‘rel’ attribute points at the way Google should consider such links when calculating its value and assigning a position to the linked site in search results. Google considers nofollow backlinks as simple HTML text. Such links do not pass any “link juice” on the specified website, which plays a zero role in its page authority. Opposing them, dofollow passes the link “link juice” and plays an important role in link building.

#2. Backlinks From Resource Pages :

Resource Page Link Building is a practice to create backlinks from pages that have a curated list of links to external websites. When someone connects your link to their resource page, your link improves their page. Because resource pages are designed to link to awesome content on other websites.

To increase the likelihood of getting backlinks from that page, you have to meet the following conditions.

    • You should have a great resource/site to present to the webmaster.
    • Give the webmaster a reason to link back to you. Try to establish a relationship before presenting your site as a resource, or help them fix a problem.

You can find the resource page by following search strings:

    • Keyword + “links”
    • Keyword + “useful links”
    • Keyword + “helpful links”
    • Keyword + “resources”
    • Keyword + inurl:”sites”
    • Keyword + inurl:”links”
    • Keyword + “helpful resources”
    • Keyword + “useful resources”
    • Keyword + inurl:”resources”
    • Keyword + inurl:”other sites”

#3. Quality Directories :

As the name suggests, directories come from link websites that work as a directory for people searching for certain products or services.

Online directories can accept free or paid submissions, so you may have to allocate a small budget for your link-building activities. You are trying to create multiple directory links. You may also need to consider membership-based directories as these sites charge you to publish your submission annually.

Most directories are not good, and you should be very cautious when choosing one to submit your site. Whether it’s a local directory or a blog directory, only pick the ones that have an established reputation and a decent authority.

If you submit your site into hundreds of directories, you will do much harm. There is no need to woo to buy Fiverr gigs who promise to deposit their site in the “Top 100 Directories” for only $ 5, those directories are useless; They probably will use the same details, title, etc, The backlinks of the reputable directory have the SEO value. Here is the list of Top 500+ High DA Directory Submission Sites [2019].

#4. Social Bookmarking :

Today social media is one of the most important sources of backlink. The sources of the machine are used to evaluate the sources of the Internet and to become more like humans.

Social media is the way to store, organize, search and manage “bookmarks” of web pages. Users use a social bookmarking site to store these links, save links to web pages they like or want to share. These bookmarks are usually public and can be viewed by other members of the site where they are stored.

Most social bookmarking services are organized by users for “tags” or content on a web site. This means that other users can see the bookmark associated with the selected tag, and see information about the users who have bookmarked them.

Websites like Digg represent the opportunity to get lots of new web traffic to your website. In fact, these sites provide the best types of visitors: viral traffic. People who reach your site from these social bookmarking sites are usually there because your web site appears in search of topics in which they were interested. Being featured on the social bookmarking site can often lead to people tagging your site on other bookmarking sites.

Today there are a lot of social media resources where you can create backlinks manually and automatically. If you prefer automated services, make sure that it provides high-quality inbound links without generating hundreds of similar links that tells Google that you are a spammer.

#5. Forum Posting :

Forum submission sites are also similar to online discussions, and you can demonstrate your knowledge of any topic on these sites. Many people come to the forum site to learn something. This is one of the best ways of creating backlinks. Here you can discuss your given topic and present your feedback with the subject and your website’s name, or it is a way of sharing knowledge, it helps to get backlinks to your website.

Forums submission is very easy, just select related forums in your niche, create a profile, follow threads and take an active part in discussions. A thread posted on a thread platform is a topic where many forum members share their knowledge and provide a solution for a specific question.

Forum Submissions Thread works in two ways, which means that you can either follow some thread and provide a solution based on your knowledge and expertise, or you can start your own thread of the problem, Which means that most visitors are experiencing. Ensure that the thread started by you does not already discuss in the forum. Here is the list of Top 50+ High DA Forum Submission Sites.

#6. Guest Blogging :

Guest blogging is the best way to promote your site and earn quality backlinks. If you approach it correctly and follow white-hat SEO techniques, then they are a great way to create links on your site.

With guest blogging, you write an article on a third party site. If their guidelines allow, you can include a backlink within your content back to your site. If the article you wrote is valuable, readers can also come to your site. This is an opportunity to take the name of your company in front of the already established audience and increase your authority.

Your sole purpose for guest posting will not be to get backlinks. Editors and publishers can keep links-thirsty guest bloggers away, so your main reason for the article should be to provide some value to their readers.

To get the best results from your guest post, make sure that there are enough viewers in the blog and engaged social media pages. Do not write for sites that do not have any authority and who publish low-quality content.  Make your guest article interesting, relevant, and long-form for the best chances of it get accepted and also provide value to their existing visitors.

#7. Q&A Platforms :

Everyone has some questions, and everyone needs answers. If you have an answer to people’s concerns or issues on your site, then you can get backlinks to your site from these Q&A platforms such as Quora or Yahoo Answers.

You can get backlinks from these Q/A sites in 2 main ways.

    • You can get a backlink to your website via linking your public profile.
    • Linking back to your website via a link in your answer.

Most of the Q/A sites nofollow their external links, this does not mean that they are completely useless. If you are lucky enough to get a top answer to a sufficiently viewed question, then your link will get a lot of referral traffic.

#8. Infographics and Images :

Content marketing does not always come in the form of content and even if you need to write a short press release to explain your research, you can use imagery such as infographics to appeal to a wider audience.

This is a great way to make your content more shareable. Apart from the ability of an infographic to be viral on social media, it can also attract backlinks. If an editor likes your content, they can easily embed it on their site, without the hassle of copying content.

You can find people using your image by using Google’s Image Search. If you spot somebody using your image and doesn’t provide your brand with the necessary credit, you have every right to contact them and request recognition for your work – coming in the form of a link back to your site.

You can find people using your image using Google’s Image Search. If you find someone using your image and do not provide required credit to your brand, then you have the right to contact them and request recognition for your work in the form of backlink to your site.

#9. Testimonials :

Every company loves to show their customer testimonials. This helps them to build credibility and also increase their sales.

Most of the company/website who sell a product or service will accept testimonials from their customers and link them back to their social profile or website. This type of backlinks are completely white hat and they can help your SEO.

Think of all the products or services that you have recently purchased and reach out to the owners and send them your testimonials. Make it a good one, and they can also give you the convenience on the homepage, which makes the link even more valuable.

#10. EDU and GOV Backlinks :

A single high authority backlink is worth more than many low-quality backlinks. Google likes backlinks from .GOV and .EDU sites. These domain extensions add themselves to educational institutions and government organizations. Some researchers considered .GOV and .EDU sites more important than backlinks from other domains and Google also treats them as more authentic.

How to Find .GOV and .EDU Sites for Backlinks?

You can search these sites on Google. Go to Google and type the following parameters.

  • site: .edu
  • site: .edu blog
  • site: .edu comments
  • site: .edu forums
  • site: .edu log in / create account
  • site: .edu inurl:blog

Replace .edu with .gov and you can find .gov links:

  • site:  .gov
  • site : .gov blog
  • site: .gov comments
  • site: .gov forums
  • site: .gov log in / create account
  • site: .gov inurl:blog

Many such websites have a blog or community area that has the ability to post different discussions and comments. you can see these feature on the sorted website. Then you just need to post your thoughtful comments there. Placing an anchor link directly in the comment can be spam, but you can always put it in your bio.

#11. Editorial Backlinks :

An editorial backlink is a relevant link placed in an article/page that acts as a reference/quotation for a particular resource. This is a link that is naturally earned, unpaid and which are in the content of the article or website body (for example, blogs that were commented on is). They are also associated with official resources, as mentioned, Forbes, Guardian, etc.

Editorial links are liked by many marketers and writers because they tend to carry a lot of legitimacy and authority with them. Generally, when the content of a website is so good, other websites will be naturally linked to it.

To get these types of backlinks you have to make authors, journalists, and editors who want to link to your site naturally. And sometimes you even have to “help” them want to link to you.

#12. User Profile Pages :

Profile creation sites are really very useful for improving the traffic of your blog or website in search engines. All your guest posts will not allow direct links to your site in the target blog post directly. Instead, many of these sites will allow you to have a single link on your author section and/or user profile page.

The best part of high PR profile creation sites is that it provides you long-term dofollow profile backlinks. Generally, there are some categories where you have to immerse your profiles for quality backlinks. Basically, this is the best off-page SEO technology.

#13. RSS Feed :

RSS/Blog submission is one of the fastest ways to increase traffic. If you submit your RSS feed to top-ranking RSS feed directories and RSS search engines, you can easily crawl with search engine bot.

RSS feed is a .xml file that contains your latest content. The news aggregator, feed reader, email subscription and podcast lists all bridge content from the RSS feed. By using RSS Feeds, you can easily publish your site content to your readers. So it is quite important for you to submit your blog Feed URL to various feed directories.

#14. Blog Commenting :

Blog comments are the simplest way to get backlinks and can be done by visiting the web page and leaving the message in response to the publisher.

Most blog comments add external sites to nofollow links, but this does not prevent some people from spamming sites with low-quality comments. Simply put, “Hi, great post,” and then leaving a URL will only harm your site.

To get the best results from your comment, make the comment meaningful and relevant for the article that you just read. Posting something like “awesome post” will not only make it clear to the blogger that you are just for a link, but it will ruin your prospects of using comments directly on your blog on that blog.

#15. Internal Linking :

Internal linking is one of the most valuable things for SEO.  An internal link is a hyperlink that points to one page in the same domain. Internal linking is important for both website ranking and usability.

The benefit you have to get from the fact that you have complete control over the internal linking, and you can decide to be located where the link and also see what the anchor text will be. Although they can not be at the same level of importance of external links, this is an important aspect to consider for SEO. You should always link to the previous articles that you wrote and make it easy for readers to navigate through your posts.


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