What is a Webinar and How Does it Works?

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A webinar is a live presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is broadcast on the web using video conferencing software. One of the key features of the webinar is that its interactive elements have the ability to provide information, get information and to discuss in real-time.  Therefore, participants can join the webinar for one or two presentations to hear and ask questions.

Unlike meeting calls, you have only one stream and there are many people participating in the webinar. This is mostly a top-down, one-way conversation.

There are educational objectives in every way in the webinar. You can offer educational content. Even so, most webinar examples are sales webinars. They are meant to educate customers on a certain product. Webinar software can share audio, documents, and apps with participants using webinar. This is useful when the webinar host is organizing lectures or information sessions.

What is the Difference Between a Webinar and Webcast?

Webinars and Webcasts both are common tools for Web Event, so that different roles and industry can reach Leeds, employees, customers, and more.

Both Webinars and Webcasts are broadcasted on the Internet and any device is delivered through the same URL, either live, simulated live or on demand. Post-Event Registration, Gated Entry, and Post-Event Data Analysis Data Analysis.

Webinars vs Webcasts

The difference is that webcasting is a technology, while webinar is a matter of use for that technology. In another word, we can say that a webinar is a type of webcast.

  • A webcast provides one-way communication, on the contrary, a webinar provides two-way conversations.
  • Webinars support small audiences, while webcams support large audiences.
  • Professional webcasts require sophisticated equipment and are found in the most part. On the other hand, webinars offer more DIY solutions.

Main features of webinars:

  • Multi-dimensional conference.
  • Presentation and the ability to download and watch videos.
  • Text chat
  • Sharing the presenter’s desktop.
  • Digital board.
  • Polling and Surveying.
  • For further viewing, broadcast recordings.

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Why is a Webinar a Great Marketing Tool?

Webinars are taking the digital marketing world to the next level. It is also known as web conferencing, webinars are services that allow real-time, audio conferencing or multicast video conferencing events, even if the participants come from remote locations.

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The on-demand webinar is quite convenient because at this point, each has an online connection and it has a means of using it. It’s likely that many of your business partners, partners, and customers have access to the Internet.

Establish Your Credibility:-

By webinar, you will be able to provide more credibility to your ideas. The simple task of putting a webinar will allow you to understand your concepts and establish agreements, establish the people you are talking to, and the people you are looking at. You are presenting and sharing ideas, making them, and widening your vision of the world around you in the same ideology.

Create and Increase Brand Awareness:- 

Brand awareness is a concept in which the audience gets more information about the brand or product through constant promotion, advertising, marketing, and labeling, focusing on topics, messages or identities. After setting up the webinar, your viewers will get a visual image of your brand, which results in a call and is done when there is a large consumer base.

Help with Your Promotions:- 

If you want to promote your brand with the help of a webinar, then it is all possible. Webinar presentations, even informative, can increase your business or company’s contacts completely. Thanks to the concept of webinar marketing, you can “arms” your webinar conventions in a promotional perspective so that it can be used as an outlet for presenting their products and services in a big way.

Huge Applications on Training and Education:- 

Webcasts and webinar live streams can include video-how-videos that show training in different areas of study and concepts. This is a type of training that can be done online, live broadcast in real-time, and provides immediate feedback from the questioner through real-time comments.

Webinars Helps Build You a Bigger Audience and Contact List:-  

The webinar allows you and other producers to create audiences on your panel as viewers or others. You can meet guests at every meeting to talk about anything related to your market. In fact, guests can work as new contacts themselves, which can bring a new viewer to your business, especially if you have a guest in the webinar, then their own followers.

How does a webinar work?

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The communication on the live webinar is as follows:

  • The organizer is showing some digital graphs, tables, pictures and keynotes sitting in front of his computer with his webcam, a microphone, headset to his viewers.
  • Communications communicate with each other’s participants and communicate with their trainer using the text or platform, listen, communicate, answer questions, and comments received by the trainer or their assistant online chat.
  • When you add a webinar, you will be able to exchange questions and answers with your audience. Normally, if someone is late or misses online meetings, event recording is sent to all the attendees on dedicated media like youtube, Vimeo.

11 steps to create great webinars and host it.

Step 1. Choose a date and time.

Schedule your webinar for the time that works well for people present in different time zones. We recommend Thursday at 12:00 PST / 3:00 AM EST.

Step 2. Choose your killer webinar topic.

Ensure that the subject will inform and inspire the current audience. If the subject calls for it, guest speakers are always great.

Step 3. Find a webinar service.
There are several solid webinar services available for webinar hosting online. Provides a complete suite of best features, each of which will help you plan, create, schedule, promote, run and follow up on your webinar.
Step 4. Customize your branding.
Choose a great theme for your webinar, select a relevant image for your landing page, and also add your logo to make sure all reflect your brand.
Step 5. Create a hashtag for your webinar.
Successful webinars require promotion. Making a hashtag is a great start, and it will provide an easy way to talk about people on social media.
Step 6. Send out your webinar invitations.
This happens when you really want to promote the event. Send invitations to your email contact list. Post about it on your website, blog or Social Media. Use hashtags on social media. Get creative and you will find more people to participate
Step 7. Build webinar content.
Beware of content available during the webinar. Attaching slides, polls, and handouts will make a big difference.
Step 8. Do a practice run.
Simplify your speakers with webinar controls and make sure things first run easily by testing.
Step 9. Host your webinar.

The day has come when your preparation is Schedule. Do not forget to record your webinar too!

Step 10. Follow up.
Shortly after the webinar, see your attendees within 24 hours. Ask if there are any other questions or requests.

Step 11. Make your webinar recording available.

Having a hosted webinar hosting is a great way to generate leads for long periods of time. Publishing a recording on a video sharing platform like Youtube, Vimeo can increase your reach and attract additional interest.


Keeping this in mind, webinars are mainly considered as huge marketing tools because they organize your service information as communication with your customer or conduct broadcast board meetings at least overhead, Organize with cost, sometimes the comfort of your home

By organizing your own webinar, you are allowed to present your ideas to more viewers and discuss with people in your panel, after all, they are legitimate to develop legitimate marketing awareness and develop better consumer bonding in the process.


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