Why Your Website is Not Converting Visitors into customers?

why Visitors not converting into customers

Like many other entrepreneurs, Have you ever run an SEO campaign to promote your website. You put many efforts and energy to establish your online presence. You have invested time and money to create a website that will attract new customers to your business. traffic has increased but has not changed any visitors yet?

Generally, drop-out visitors mean that your site needs some resale. And, actually, there is something that you should have done before investing that money in the SEO campaign. Since its use is to promote a website that does not convert visitors?

If you want to attract the attention of your Website visitors and want to change them from a comfortable browser to a client, then you have to find out why they are not jumping. Thankfully, we have enough experience on this website-building business that we can give you some insights.

There are two main types of conversions:

  1. Prospect to lead: In this conversion, you are turning a website visitor into a potential lead. Visitor A descends on a page of your website and sees that you have a mailing list. He signs up. This is a conversion.
  2. Lead to the customer: Another important conversion occurs when a lead buys something from you. He can follow you on social, read your blog, see your marketing email, and finally send cash for whatever you are selling.

Here are 11 reasons why visitors who visit your website can not converting into customers:

1) Too Much Navigation

Website navigation is important for the website’s ability to attract and maintain visitors. If navigation of a site is confusing, is scattered or not in existence, then users will never get important content, and they will browse somewhere.

Make sure that you audit your website and classify which links assist in overall sales and checkout process and who do not. In the secondary navigation panel or footer, hide all unnecessary links. The top of the website is the main real estate and you have only one link that will help the sales funnel.

Similarly, place your site navigation in one place on each page of the site. Maintain the same style, Colors, and fonts. It enables users to use on the site and feels comfortable browsing it. If the navigation is to jump from left to right, to disappear, or to change the color in the section in the section, then the probability of frustrated visitors will be browsing somewhere else.

2) Not Asking Website Visitors to Buy or Take Action

One of the most simple and yet most missed items on the website page is asking your website visitors to buy or take action. You will be shocked by the fact that such a clear fact can be ignored. Well, it can not be ignored, but you often see that intelligence has been applied to it.

If your website visitors are not getting a button quickly to click, they will help you to email, call you or fill out a simple form, they are not likely to do anything on your website. A clear “start now” button should be bigger than anything on your website. It should also be a contradictory or bright color, and it needs to look like a rectangular or spherical button so that people know where to click and make it very fast.


An SSL certificate is a small data file that attaches a cryptographic key to your website. This unique security protocol will protect user’s data transfers, secure logins, and credit card transactions over the network. In addition, it will certify the overall business website or domain.

Many website visitors these days are very security and privacy-conscious. If your website does not have an SSL certificate installed and does not display a green padlock in the address bar with HTTPS: // You can be assured that your conversion will be paid.

At the top of it, Google strongly suggests that websites have SSL and award sites with HTTPS: // with high rankings – all other factors are equal. This is a small investment that will help in conversations as well as Google rankings.

4). Can’t Find Relevant Information

Content is king. This means that the best content site for the desired user base is going to earn the highest rewards. High CTR (click-through rates), revenue, goal conversion, and keyword ranking are more likely with relevant content. To keep users engaged, it is important to keep both the website and current content relevant. Websites can be penalized if they do not comply with the mandatory web content practices by search engine algorithms.

Finding a relevant, unique and timely information should be at the top of your website’s criteria. You will be shocked by the fact that how many websites do not provide relevant information and how much information actually hides – either due to poor information architecture or priority on design information.

5). Branding Not Trustworthy

A new study in the form of a proxy for brand value from the Digital Brand Trade Association Digital Content Next (DCN): Understanding the role of trust in digital content consumption, Frank N. Organized by Magda Associates, which publishers and advertisers should understand about the trust digital media and components needed to create a successful consumer relationship.

Having cheap or ugly branding is a definite recipe for poor conversion and reduction in sales and revenue. People spend hundreds and thousands on a new set of shops, inventory, office furniture, launch parties, and even wheels to celebrate their new business. But when it comes to investing in their brand identity, most people spend it and probably do their best to spend the minimum amount. Asking your friend to find the cheapest logo designer or to make a logo for your brand. If you’ve been in business for a long time and have dated the people, then you are in the same boat.

Carefully review your branding on your website. How is your logo design? What is website design in relation to brand identity? Are corporate colors being used strategically on the website? Does the website look like an established brand or think it was cobbled together by an amateur?

6). Targeting the Wrong Website Visitors

How do you know that visitors are bouncing from your website? Ideally, you will compare numbers. The bounce rate of visitors. But have you thought, are you getting the right audience from your traffic? Is traffic moving forward?

Many websites get a ton of website traffic but have a terrible conversion rate. Site owners try everything under the sun to help with the conversion but seldom get relief.

Getting the right quality traffic on your website is more important than the amount of traffic. If you are receiving 20,000 monthly website visitors and are able to change 40 of them, then you have a conversion ratio of 0.2% which is unrelated. Instead, it’s better for 5,000 visitors with 50 conversions, which gives you a 1% conversion ratio!

Analyze your website traffic as to how they are coming to your website and what keywords they are using to search on the google before encountering your site. Also, refer to referral websites that are sending you traffic.

7). You’re Not Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service provided by Google that tracks and reports website traffic as a platform within the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google started this service in November 2005. So there is no excuse why you should not use it and spend the information at least one hour in a week that goes to Analytics Gold Mine.

Google Analytics helps by breaking data on customer behavior in reports and graphs. Using this information, you can see where your investment is paying and what elements need to be refined to improve your website, marketing campaign and your other online content or services.

Here are some more important statistics you can see:

  • Pages are coming to visitors.
  • Visitors who leave your website.
  • The number of organic searches on site.
  • Breakdown of new visitors against returning visitors.
  • Which of your visitors use to chat with your site? (desktops, tablets, phones)

8). Ugly Website Design

There is an interesting trend in web design these days: Websites that look great … but you would be surprised how many websites are so ugly that they removed potential customers. Due to the design of an ugly website, due to lack of a decent budget to rent an efficient website design firm, there is no awareness about lack of awareness about creating a beautiful website or motivation for many reasons. Might be possible.

To solve these types of issues, evaluate your website to someone outside your website and give you feedback. If you have an opportunity then someone else can do it. Such a reasonable reaction will tell you the status of your website design and you need to invest in getting a new design for your website.

If you do not have a decent website designer to hire, you can go for one of the DIY website builders provided by hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy etc… Once your business grows and your revenue increases, you can take a part of the benefits to get the right custom website design.

9) Lack of Guarantees

Many websites are sufficient to guarantee, but for a lot more it is another area of concern that does not help in the conversion. If you are selling a service or product then be sure to include your guarantee information on your landing pages. Hide it on the bottom of the page, rather keep it in front and center.

While addressing buyers, there should be a top priority on your website purchase, and the guarantee comes only after attractive offers. Some website owners fear that keeping a comprehensive guarantee can mean that many of their customers can take advantage of it and demand a refund or withdrawal. This is a legitimate concern because it can be seen how many people abuse generous returns and refunds.

But if you have a solid product or service, you should not be afraid to give a strong guarantee. An increase in sales and revenue will offset any claim, which can bring a small share of your customers.

10). Lack of Testimonials

Customer testimonials are great for your business. They create customer trust, build goodwill for their product, and show potential customers a positive brand history.

If you have a customer, you will have to collect testimonials and display them on your website. Many business owners believe that due to the nature of the product or services, they can not ask for testimonials or may not be willing to give their customer testimonials.

For those businesses who have the opportunity to ask a testimonial, it will not be sin. Do not be afraid to ask testimonials. And once you have a handful, publish them on strategic locations on your site so that the level of confidence for your site visitors can be increased. This is one of the most important techniques for promoting your website.

11). Website Load Time and Speed

According to the surveys done by Akamai, almost half of the web users expect a site to be loaded in 2 seconds or less, and they leave such sites which are not loaded within 3 seconds. 79% of web buyers troubled by the website’s performance say that they will not go back to the site to buy again, and 44% of them will tell a friend that they have poor online shopping experience.

This means that you are not currently losing conversions from visitors to your site, but this loss has also increased with their friends and colleagues.

Make sure your website is optimized and loads fast.

  • Use code according to the standards wherever possible.
  • Avoid Flash and AJAX.
  • Mark your most important pages well.
  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Utilize CDNs & Remove Unused Scripts/Files
  • Enter the URL correctly.
  • Compress Images & Optimize Files
  • Get rid of the table as a web design tool.
  • Get 24*7 Uptime professional hosting and do not go for cheap hosting.

Google, Page Load Time & SEO

Should you be worried about load time affecting your Google ranking? Great Matt Curts says – This is one of more than 200 signals in determining the rank. But do not say that you should stop it. Customizing your page load time is a smart thing to help those website visitors where they are going fast, and better use of your time to tweak your meta tag passion. According to a recent post on SEOmoz, the speed of the site is a new signal, but it does not have the same weight as the page’s relevance. At present, less than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed signal.

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I hope you find this article useful. I believe why website visitors cannot change in a paying customer, but these are 11 top and most important metrics. My intention is that you start thinking about conversion optimization and begin to audit and evaluate your website and your message so that gradually you can start seeing results with increasing conversion, sales, and revenue.


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